Ultimate reliability and security for supervisory control
Ultimate performance metrics for engineering
Ultimate analytics for finance


Ultimetrics is the ultimate enterprise solution for control and monitoring of your power generation sites. The whole journey is SIMPLE; uncompromised performance, reliability, user experience and functionality with zero client administration. From advanced real-time Control & Monitoring right through to state-of-the-art tangible and easily defined Reporting & Analytics. You will be provided with rich analytics reflecting live operating conditions, drill-down capabilities to uncover root causes and outstanding metrics and graphing; enabling informed decision making for you, your teams and your investors.


Secure, reliable supervisory control - even when your primary internet connection fails


Reporting and analytics for your commercial and engineering teams


Ultimetrics technology also has the answers for large scale climate change and environmental applications


Our technology is used around the world to provide the highest standards of monitoring and data security


Ultimetrics in the Power Generation Market

 Centralised Control & Dispatch

Start and stop any sites or engines remotely from your headquarters
Monitor performance - gain status updates and graph values to analyse problems

For Control

Control many sites from a single SRD PC

Have up to 16 groups per SRD PC, avoid needing a SRD on every site, SRD is more easily accessible to staff

Interface with 3rd parties centrally

Trading partners such as Neas and Centrica only need to connect to one destination simplifying site set-up

Robust communications built-in

Dual redundant communications paths are standard, even awkward sites using wired or cellular connections

For Monitoring

Identify performance issues

Use dashboards to quickly spot under performance and make better informed decisions

See what's happening in real-time

Watch events as they unfold live wherever you are, track progress when you're out using a smart phone

Get notifications and respond quickly

Be the first to know when something doesn't go as planned, and quickly do something about it

How does the control part work?

How does the whole system fit together?

What kind of commercial information can I see?

Here we're showing national grid data combined with your own STOR demand over a 2 day period

What kind of engineering information can I see?

Here we're showing an individual power profile for a STOR call, looks like there was a fault during the call

Do you require flexibility?


STOR calls dispatched


MWh of energy generated


years of reliable operation


engines controlled by the system


different distinct locations

In 2016 when BT had a major outage across the Midlands ultimetric response continued working using its built-in cellular capability to dispatch sites seamlessly with no interruption to business

How does it work in the real world?

Welsh Power

Supervisory controls, monitoring and analysis of power response sites.

Alkane Energy

Supervisory controls, monitoring and reporting for gas-fuelled power generation

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