About Us

Power Generation Background

Ultimetrics, has over 20 years’ experience in the power generation business. Initially, we designed and built the control and monitoring equipment for Alkane Energy Ltd (Infinis). Our controls and TELGAS SCADA system enabled Alkane to safely and securely extract methane gas from abandoned mine sites which fuelled on-site power generation equipment. TelGas enabled control and monitoring of all sites from Alkane’s Head Office allowing the sites to be safely operated unmanned. 

Later, the sites became depleted of methane and were converted for operation on natural gas, delivering on-demand generation by Grid’s STOR service. Ultimetrics developed the migration process, enabling Alkane to successfully deliver STOR across their entire portfolio. 

Today ultimetrics  is an independent business focussed on the delivery of dispatch services to both demand and provider side response sites. Our principle product is Ultimetric Response, which is an advanced scalable dispatch and reporting system for delivering power related services to clients who may have anything between one and one hundred active sites. Our long experience within the industry has provided us with extensive knowledge of the power generation market, having collaborated with leading forums, R&D and academia; enabling us to develop advanced dispatch and reporting technology.

We have a superior software development team, continually adding new features to Ultimetric Response enabling us to rapidly move with the latest services and progressive technology. We provide our clients with comprehensive solutions for the centralised dispatch, monitoring and sophisticated reporting of NGESO and 3rd party services.  

Todays changes in the market mean that as an energy provider,  you require trouble-free technology and straightforward solutions. To ensure our clients choose the most effective route to market, we work with leading trading firms; providing total engineering and commercial transparency, allowing you to make the right decision for your business. 

A complete customer journey. 

Jonathan McLean

Managing Director

Jonathan founded the company Formac, creating intrinsically safe and failsafe coal mining and petrochemical applications. Later, progressing to manufacturing specialised electronic products; developing complete controls systems, remote monitoring solutions, and pioneering analytics. The business then gained global recognition from the power generation and environmental monitoring sectors as part of the Kyoto Protocol. His focus now; developing the range of Ultimetric products, offering clients the ultimate solution in advanced technology.

Dr Tim Lewis

Principal Development Engineer

Tim has joined us from Toshiba Research Europe with over 25 years’ experience leading collaborative academic and commercial research. Tim’s academic background as a Mathematics graduate (Cambridge) and Computer Science PhD brings a very strong technical and analytical capability to our brand, playing a major role in the development of Ultimetrics. Tim’s passion for software and data analytics allows the business to offer something unique and of greater value to clients as well as finding new markets in environmental science.

Dr Gavin Jones

Senior Software Engineer

Gavin has a Ph.D. in Physics creating advanced simulation for academic research within the energy market. Developing advanced algorithms for complex mathematical analysis and designing software to interface with a range of control, despatch and reporting equipment. Gavin leads the field in the energy sector when it comes to innovation; creating solutions in the aggregation and connection of diverse assets to SOs,TOs and DNOs and by developing intricate and refined software for data visualisation both for operational and commercial analysis.