Jonathan McLean

Managing Director

Jonathan founded the company Formac, creating Intrinsically safe and failsafe coal mining and petrochemical applications for Westinghouse. Formac later progressed to manufacturing specialised electronic products for Coalgas Ltd. (Now Alkane Energy). Developing complete controls systems, and remote monitoring solutions for their sites, supervisory controls and pioneering reporting analytics. The business then gained global recognition from the power generation and environmental monitoring sectors as part of the Kyoto Protocol. His focus now ; developing the range of Ultimetric products, offering clients the ultimate solution in advanced technology.


Charlotte Harper

Commercial Director

Charlotte joins Ultimetrics with a wealth of experience. Having headed up the Marketing and Communication Operations for the Environment Agency, Npower and Capita Utilities – serving clients such as Centrica, British Gas, Scottish Power and the National Grid. Charlotte’s depth of corporate and commercial expertise brings great opportunity for growth in our business. Promoting our power response technology, Charlotte will find new and adjacent markets for our cutting edge Ultimetrics technology.


Michael Stokes

Project Manager

Mike joins us from Virgin Media where he was Project Manager for the Mobile Technical Support Team. Mike is used to working with cutting edge, technology and in a highly competitive, fast-moving environment. This makes him well placed to manage the business process and support the teams within Ultimetrics – allowing them to deliver an exemplary service to clients.



Dr Tim Lewis

Principal Development Engineer

Tim has joined us from Toshiba Research Europe with over 25 years’ experience leading collaborative academic and commercial research. Tim’s academic background as a Mathematics graduate (Cambridge) and Computer Science PhD brings a very strong technical and analytical capability to our brand, playing a major role in the development of Ultimetrics. Tim’s passion for software and data analytics allows the business to offer something unique and of greater value to clients as well as finding new markets in environmental science.


Dr Gavin Jones

Senior Software Engineer

Gavin has a Ph.D. in Physics creating advanced simulation for academic research within the energy market. Developing advanced algorithms for complex mathematical analysis and designing software to interface with a range of control, despatch and reporting equipment. Gavin leads the field in the energy sector when it comes to innovation; creating solutions in the aggregation and connection of diverse assets to SOs,TOs and DNOs and by developing intricate and refined software for data visulisation both for operational and commercial analysis.